Reading is one of the best activities and hobbies that children can indulge in. It not only improves their general knowledge and awareness but also works wonders to...


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AIS Nawada provides school transport to facility various point in the town and from nearby localities base on the number of student erea .


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At Aadharshila International School, we believe education is a natural ‘give and take’ where we learn as much from children as they from us; that our children transform us as we transform them. We know that the joy of learning is the natural gift of a child and we provide an environment for them to hone it. We strive to guide our children in their journey of self-discovery by providing classrooms which are platforms for self-expression as well as warm and cordial teachers who let the children explore different media to express their feelings and thoughts as they navigate through various subjects and help them in acquiring the necessary skills to do so. We bring clarity to concepts by paying attention to intermittent steps of understanding which would lead to structured learning. We help our children become independent learners by consistent repetition, recapitulation and acquisition of various skills that are intrinsic to each subject.

Located away from the chaos of the city life, in the tranquil lap of the nature "Aadharshila International School" is a centre of academic excellence and overall personality development of your child. The General environment of the school is conducive to academic, physical, emotional, cultural and even spiritual development of the child. The school is named "Aadharshila International School" as the Indian sub-continent is a part of the "Ideal" in geological history, after the landmass got separated because of continental drift.

Aadharshila International School has ensured that its portals of education provide the highest quality education at the most reasonable and affordable fees. The School is programmed to develop and nurture the innate creativity and inquiry in students by using the inherent opportunities of the information society and prepare the students with a sense of belonging to the civic society, a zeal for community service, with necessary emotional and moral strength to compete globally in an exemplary, versatile and sustainable way.

Aadharshila International School encourages students to learn about themselves and their constantly changing environment, while at the same time offering support and guidance as they practise decision-making and social skills.

We are confident that this school is the best place for your child. We welcome your active interest and involvement in the progress and activities of your child. We look forward to your continuous support.


Our mission is to provide a multicultural educational environment for our students in which they achieve academic successes, personal growth and become socially responsible and active global citizens with an appreciation of learning as a life-long process. We plan to accomplish this through an international and dynamic curriculum delivered by an enthusiastic and experienced faculty and staff in partnership with students, parents / guardians, in a caring and supportive community.


To create a learning community of motivated students engaged in interactive learning through optimum use ostate of the art infrastructure and technology. To develop, young individuals who think, question and are curious, responsible citizens of tomorrow through effective learning, co-curricular and extra curricular activities. To impart the best education that shall bring in academic excellence, physical fitness, psychological and spiritual well being and social awareness in each NIS student through our proven systems and practices.






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We are confident that this school is the best place for your child. We welcome your active interest and involvement in the progress and activities of your child. We look forward to your continuous support.